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Crazy Boat Rush

Crazy Boat Rush

Description : Here it comes the extravaganza interesting water game. You are now in a crazy speedboat, recklessly rushing though water, making its way through the water to its destination. The easiest game is so addictive that you pave you way through water and surf for the highest score, even wanna beat your score on top. So the deal with the game is that you can tap on left to move the boat and right to turn the boat to right. The boat has a constant speed; the problem you face is that there are a lot of boats already moving in the sea. Some small boats but larger also. So you move to left or right to stay away and stay safe from those boats. There might also come other hurdles that you need to get pass through. You only get one turn the instant you touch or get smashed in a boat you boat is destroyed you now again get to start the game from the top. You have to make your way through checkpoints. Others boats and your crazy hastening boat is moving, the checkmates stay in their places. So the checkpoints might also get under the other in that case you have to leave that point, there are more to come. Game just ends when you get crashed into another boat otherwise you are good to go. Crash the fun !!

Apple app store: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/crazy-boat-rush/id995868566?mt=8

Google Play store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freebird.crazyboatrush

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