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Divid and Rule

Divid and Rule

Description : Right left… Right left … divide in half, one more than the other. Heavy or light, let’s see how you cut it off. There is ball rotating from right to left and then again to right. And two baskets hanging at the lower side like a see saw. The baskets exist there just because of the balance inside them. So what you are going to do is easy peasy. It’s just a touch, tap and focus game. Simply easy and fun you can say. So look for the bigger ball hanging on top just tap right when it is in the middle line. The ball will be cut according to the range of its being in the middle. When it gets split into two parts the two parts tend to fall in the baskets hanging down on the log. So the basket that gets the bigger piece gets heavy and lean downwards and is inclined to fall down. When one basket gets way too heavy and falls down the game is over you don’t get a second split. So you need to stay in focus that you tap and cut the ball exactly when comes in the middle and even in the middle of the line. As long as the splits are of equal size the game goes on and the baskets are balance. In case the ball did not get to be cut in equal halves try the split afterwards and strain to cut the in such sized to overcome the imbalance of the last through. You don’t only get one uneven torn apart chance but you have a chance to overcome that weight inequality. Go ahead, split it, balance it, and enjoy it. You are now off to the most easy, fun and balanced game, just the thing you need in your daily ups and downs. Equality!

Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/pk/app/divide-and-rule/id1059304022?mt=8

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.freebird.devideandrule

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