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Kindergarten Prep

Kindergarten Prep

Kindergarten prep is an educational app that entertains while learning the alphabetical and numerical basics!

The app’s rich and creative environment is especially suited for preschool and kindergarten aged kids.

Kindergarten prep offers several fun and interactive learning activities that teaches kids in the following areas:


• Learn: with the help of visual images, children can easily learn the basics of the ABC by matching letters with colorful pictures

• Write: after learning the alphabet, children can choose from several colors to write the letters

• Test: by combining pictures with the right words

• Play: in this ABC game, your child can learn the alphabet in a playful way just by tapping and hearing the corresponding letter too


• Learn: counting basic numbers with the help of cute pictures

• Write: draw numbers by choosing your favorite colours

• Test: by combining numbers with the right words

• Fun: last but not least, have some fun by playing a number related game


• Learn: get to know how to write the most common fruits

• Draw: after knowing the fruits, now it is time for a little fun by coloring them

• Guess: a playful way to test the knowledge of your children by matching a fruit with its name

• Catch: catch the previously learned fruits

Colors and Shapes

• Learn: get to know the basic colors and shapes

• Color: after that, color them

• Guess: connect the colors and shapes with their name

• Play: some revision by tapping balloons and dragging the shapes into their place


• Learn: cartoonish animals

• Coloring: color them

• Test: or another words test your children’s knowledge by matching the animals with their name

• Puzzle: have some fun by solving puzzles